UPC Duplicator

From large food stores to small ma and pop shops and production facilities, the UPC duplicator is designed for all. Any product that has a label that’s been through some wear and tear can easily be replaced. In production environments there’s no need to label every item in inventory, bulk stock can be stored under a master label then you can scan existing label and apply to non labeled stock needed.

Example: A steel manufacturer had a barcode scanning system to track their inventory. Some of the steel sheets used in production were bar coded only on the top sheet. Once that sheet was used they could not scan the other sheets into production and lost track of this inventory usage. The solution was to scan the barcode on the top sheet and place the duplicate label on the next sheet every time one was removed. Inventory scanning problem solved.

Barcode Label Replacement & Duplication Solutions

  • Easy to use – No learning curve required!
  • Increase efficiency with mobile or fixed stand alone solutions
  • Space saving printer prints widths from 1 to 4 inches
  • Option to type in the barcode number with the KDU Plus, when the scanner can’t read a damaged label