The iOS Superstore, A Solution for the Future of the Enterprise

iOS is THE, “all in one” solution for workflow efficiency. iOS has dominated the enterprise with a reported 73% market share since 2014! iOS brings unmatched security and simplicity to workers all around the world, providing solutions from warehouse management to the ‘retail’ point of sale. We provide more detailed solutions below!

How Symbology Enterprises brings it all together:

We help solve the issues our clients face as they embrace the latest mobile technology in the enterprise marketplace. Our specialty is building iOS apps around MFi point-of-sale devices. With this knowledge, we created a suite of development tools that empowered our clients to create their own solutions. These tools also allow us to rapidly create and deploy mobile apps in a cost effective manner. Today we offer a range of products from development tools to no-code-needed MFi integration apps. By staying true to our roots, we still provide world class custom software solutions.

Info about our Enterprise Browser Apps:

Our Enterprise Browser apps act as a software layer for iOS that exposes MFi (Made For iOS) hardware functionality with a JavaScript API (Application Programming Interface). We support MFi accessories from a variety of companies including Honeywell, Zebra Technologies, and Citizen. We create a write once, run anywhere App environment. The platform and framework we have constructed enables users to rapidly create Apps written in HTML/CSS/JavaScript to control the functionality (decoding, MSR, printing, etc.) of both the iOS device as well as the 3rd party hardware. Customers can choose different levels of integration, from a simple “soft wedge” requiring no changes to their existing infrastructure, all the way up to a full-featured native looking WebApp with complete hardware and iOS integration. The Apps can be distributed through the Apple App Store, enterprise App store, Volume Purchase Programs, and with MDM (Mobile Device Management) utilities. The App’s content has the ability to be instantaneously updated without waiting for the App Store approval process to take place.

The Complete Package:

Progressive technologies like the Honeywell Enterprise Sled, turns the familiar iOS experience into enterprise class scanning. When paired with any business systems, iOS enterprise hardware becomes the complete end to end solution. We build highly customized management systems, providing users supply chain visibility like never before.

Honeywell Captuvo SL42 (iPhone 6/Plus)

Check out our iOS Solutions below!

Honeywell Captuvo iPad Mini version shown above

iOS Solutions:

  • -Back end management (inventory tracking, accurate data entry, barcode scanning eliminating human error, cell/wifi connectivity, portable printing and more!)
  • -Retail (point of purchase/secure payments, enhanced customer service, inventory management and more!)
  • -HealthCare (Faster communication/increased staff efficiency, accurate updating of patient data with scanning, rugged  and protective disinfectant ready housing, back end pharmaceutical tracking to point of care solutions, and more!)


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