How to make static cling labels that do the work for you in automotive service

Every day, customers drive in to your shop your fast lube service. When they drive off, are you confident they will return for the next oil change?

Quick service, static cling labels put a reminder on the vehicle’s windshield—so you’re literally right in front of them. These static cling labels can do more than just remind them to come back, but also provide them with a valid reason. Depending on the printer you choose for your static cling labels, you can include your logo, a customized message, and even a promotional offer, like a discount on the next service. Some printers will auto-calculate the miles and date stamp for the next oil change. Your workers just need to type in the number of miles. No math skills required.

At Symbology, we’ve developed the total quick service, static cling labels printing solution. The Zebra TLP 2824 Plus is a compact but powerful thermal transfer printer. The thermal transfer process is ideal for printing on synthetic surfaces, like static cling. The heat transfer delivers a crisp image so your sticker remains legible, even with constant exposure to sunlight.



The TLP 2824 Plus prints fast—four inches per second with a 2.2-inch width—and has a tear-off mode. It runs on Window drivers, and has user-friendly features, like simple loading of the media and ribbon, automatic calibration, and easy setup. The compact size fits anywhere in your shop.

The Zebra TLP2824 Plus from Symbology comes pre-loaded with 30 custom templates to create your static cling labels. We include the messages in both English and Spanish. As part of the total quick service, static cling labels printing solution, we also include a keyboard for entering the customer information, and three rolls of high-quality static cling label media.

Quick service stickers are small, but they play a big part in building customer loyalty in the automotive service industry. Be sure to maximize the potential by producing a strong message and printing it on a quick service label that will last as long as 5,000 miles—or more. Talk to us at Symbology to provide your total printing solution, with the 30 custom messages.


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