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We are a full-service provider of cutting-edge data capture services, including hardware and supporting software solutions.

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We have successfully supported varied solutions for government as well as commercial customers worldwide.

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If you’re looking for the best, most efficient way to duplicate and replace barcode labels, you’ve come to the right place. Purchasing the Barcode Duplicator system by Symbology DC can be one of the best investments you make to best manage time and costs in maintaining barcode or UPC labeling. Produce high quality, lasting barcodes anywhere in your business, warehouse, school, or library without the need of a laptop or computer workstation.

Distinguishing Attributes

SDC has grown by offering clients a soup-to-nuts solution, especially when it comes to mobility. We offer “off–the–shelf” as well as “custom” solutions as well as other technologies that improve business processes. We fully support operations with requirements for system configuration, hardware, software, accessories, media, maintenance and training. Our objective is turnkey support.

Value Added

We provide world-wide support for sales, engineering, project management and customer service in the AIDC, and mobile arena, and other hardware and software solutions. Additionally, we embody the new model of “cost transfer”, whereby we take on the cost to capitalize solutions. We become a part of your IT department as a Certified Small Business offering you the focus you demand for rugged, scalable, and flexible solutions with the efficiencies of the 21st Century.

Puget Sound Blood Center

uses Symbology DC Barcode Label Printers

The Puget Sound Blood Center based in the Seattle Washington area collects about 900 units of blood a day, 300,000 a year via eleven donor centers and 19 mobile units from Vancouver to Bellingham, Washington. The blood center needs to carefully track these collections, but their manual system left too much room for error. Every month about 32 units were incorrectly marked which meant the lab had to run tests to properly verify each one. The extra step delayed the processing and required additional staff time. The Puget Sound Blood Center turned to Symbology DC for a better system. The Zebra LP 2824 Plus Barcode Label printer was the right solution for the blood center.

Who we are

Symbology DC LLC (SDC) is a full-service provider of cutting-edge data capture services, including; hardware and supporting software solutions. We have successfully supported varied solutions for government as well as commercial customers worldwide. Whether it is a requirement for barcoding, RFID, biometrics, or smart credentialing SDC would love to be your partner. SDC has been a leading integrator providing AIDC (automated identification and data capture) solutions for more than 20 years. Our experience is in supporting (wholesale, industrial, and distribution) operations utilizing a full range of AIDC technologies. We will minimize your risk of process failure by offering solutions that eliminate the need to capitalize the cost for technology infrastructure as well, (e.g. cloud computing and rental of hardware) while offering you a competitive advantage by delivering the most attentive and responsive customer service in our industry. This ultimate level of service, combined with our relationships with industry leading manufactures provides you with a strong service partnership you can rely on. SDC has distribution agreements and provides ISV services for the largest manufactures of AIDC equipment including; Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Motorola/Symbol, Alien Technologies, and many more.

Why we do it

There's some serious industry wide issues

In today’s budget conscience environment, having a streamlined, flexible and scalable control over valuable assets, and business processes is paramount to delivering the highest value to tax payers and business owners alike. Your team at SDC integrates bar code scanning, RFID, biometrics, certified credentials, into networked, and mobile computing custom applications and legacy ERP systems. For years, many government agencies have operated independently, even within their own departments, with silos of various databases, different systems and solutions. Too many commercial business operations also still rely upon manual methods or utilizing outdated technology for keeping track of vital functions and processes. The creation of a single, unified, and automated platform of software, hardware, maintenance and support has always been an issue, until today.

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Each of our solutions are created and tested at our Washington DC headquarters prior to shipment with samples sent to the customer for approval before shipment. Have a problem that needs a solution? Call us for a free consultation to discuss the solution that will solve today’s headaches with a Symbology DC.