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Tactical Solutions & Hardware Deployments

Overhauling federal government IT hardware can be challenging. Oftentimes you’re dealing with tight budgets, red tape, and complicated processes.

Let Symbology DC be your hardware purchasing and maintenance partner. Our experienced team will help each step of the way.

Hardware configuration and maintenance is a critical component of any organization's technology infrastructure. PCs, servers, and other devices need to be configured and maintained in a manner that ensures their reliability and security. Government agencies are among the top buyers of rugged computers and other tech solutions. Additionally, these organizations are increasingly using RFID technologies to track and manage assets.

All of this requires acquiring and maintaining the right physical assets.

At Symbology DC, we have a deep understanding of the specific hardware requirements of various government agencies.Our procurement experts are well-versed in the latest hardware options, and can help organizations get up and running quickly and efficiently.

We also handle all logistics involved in getting new hardware delivered, including sourcing, shipping, and customs clearance.

Mitigate cyber-risk | Upgrade legacy systems | Allow for mobile workforce | Enable collaboration solutions
Meeting Sustainable Purchasing Goals:
  • Sustainable purchasing involves opting for environmentally-friendly products and services whenever possible.
  • Symbology DC helps you achieve your goals in this realm --- finding products that save on transportation, have a smaller carbon footprint, and use recycled materials.
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