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The government agencies that fall under the public sector umbrella are as varied as the individuals who work for them. From federal, state, and local agencies working in office buildings to departments of defense, police, and fire, who go to where the dangers are, they all have unique roles to play.

Partners: Symbology DC + Zebra Technologies

The one thing they all have in common is in the clear benefit they can each realize by modernizing their data collection system. From managing inventory to accessing files, an upgraded data collection solution can help those in the public sector, be more accurate, eliminate errors, and streamline their various processes.

Sounds simple enough. But, as we know, nothing connected to government is ever easy. There are few sectors more heavily regulated and with more rigid standards than that of the public sector. Every element of every solution must meet with strict compliance. And every vendor must adhere to exacting procedures and timelines. You need a data collection partner with technology expertise that also understands and caters to these needs. Symbology DC is that partner.


Symbology DC is an Information Technology Integrator delivering technologies and solutions for optimizing operational performance. We have a long history and have garnered a solid reputation for serving the public sector and our services transform and improve how organizations operate. To meet the growing demand for modernization through automation, we integrate systems designed to capture and manage essential data safely and securely in real-time. We design solutions that fit seamlessly into a variety of public sector ecosystems, such as:

Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies
Law Enforcement
Fire Departments
Defense & Security

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to deliver transformative technologies and solutions that improve processes and maximize effectiveness. We work closely with each client to design tailored solutions that meet their specific needs, while ensuring that every device, every solution, and every manufacturer we recommend complies with currents standards and restrictions. By focusing on a complete solution, we’re able to chart and plan for all use-cases and workflows to deliver maximum quantifiable results.

Partner Spotlight: Zebra Technologies

When Symbology DC chooses a supply partner, we do so critically and intentionally, ensuring that our public sector customers are being supplied with the finest products available from manufacturers who have earned strong reputations within their field. Zebra Technologies is a leading manufacturer of today’s technology, and they maintain their position by always thinking into the future and what comes next. For decades, Zebra has been on the forefront of creating, testing, and implementing top performing mobility products and solutions. More than 200 Zebra engineers are focused full-time on designing a full portfolio of TAA and FIPS-compliant devices from handheld, sled, and fixed readers to thermal printers, labels, tags, ribbons, and other supplies.

Put Our Expertise to Work

In every public sector organization, there are no “little things.” Everything is important and everything matters. You are extremely mindful of details and should expect nothing less from you supply partners. When you partner with Symbology DC, you can rest assured that we come prepared and are dedicated to your success. Don’t waste time teaching someone else your business. We invite you to benefit from our experience and relationships in order to hit the ground running and get back to what you do best.

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