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About Symbology DC

Symbology DC (SDC) is an Information Technology Integrator delivering technologies and solutions for optimizing operational performance. Our services transform and improve how organizations operate.

We design solutions that fit seamlessly into rich ecosystems. To meet the growing demand for modernization through automation, we integrate systems designed to capture and manage essential data safely and securely in real-time.

Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to deliver transformative technologies and solutions that improve how our clients operate. We work closely with each client to design tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Our goal is always to provide our clients with reliable and transformative technologies that help them stay ahead of the competition.

Certifications: Small Business, DBE, SBA 8(a)

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. They are the innovators, the entrepreneurs, and the drivers of growth. At Symbology DC, we pride ourselves on being a small business that delivers big results for our clients.

NAICS Codes: 423430 - 541511 541512 - 541519


Product & Service Category #s

  • D307 – Technology Strategy and Architecture

  • D325 – System Acquisition Support

  • R408 – Program Management

  • R707 – Acquisition and Procurement Support

Products we sell & support

Consulting work

Our consulting services range from the installation of new equipment and training of said equipment to custom development and integration services. Our team is available to visit clients’ facilities in order to install equipment and also provide training to staff. We are also able to create custom development and integration if a client’s needs surpass those of available solutions. This process involves analyzing current processes, strategic planning & integration of best in class solutions incorporating barcoding and RFID technologies.

Ascent Solutions

We implement and support Ascent Solutions, warehouse management system.

WASP Asset Management

We implement and support WASP asset management product.

Zebra Technologies

Integration, sales support of Zebra Technologies mobile computer barcode scanners, RFID and thermal printing.

Custom Content

BarTender let's us help you create and manage your ID badges, inventory labels, compliance labeling.

Bespoke Solutions

Various bespoke projects such as supporting the Prime Contractor as we modernize the Washington DC DMV.

Contact Us

Each of our solutions are created and tested at our Washington DC headquarters prior to shipment with samples sent to the customer for approval before shipment. Have a problem that needs a solution? Call us for a free consultation to discuss the solution that will solve today’s headaches with a Symbology DC.